Landing Tweets Results

Floating Feather 3

Living life in the fast lane recently has resulted in a delay in sharing the fabulous landing pages that were created & improved throughout the month of May.

Take a look at those who contributed!

A quick recap of posts on Twitter landing pages in case you missed out on the writing project, but would still like to produce your own landing page:

Thanks to all who contributed – your participation was much appreciated.  And to all those who didn’t manage to get round to it in May, if you leave a comment along with a link, I’ll update this post to include your new landing page.

Also, would love feedback on this group writing project – did you find it useful/inspirational/motivational?  What writing projects would you like to see here in the future?  Do get in touch!

2 responses to “Landing Tweets Results

  1. I’m not anywhere near doing this yet, but I just wanted to say that knowing you’re there to help has been one factor that’s led to me joining Twitter. I did it!No idea what to do next except study, but it’s a start! Thanks, Amy!

  2. Finally did this for the new blog 🙂 @lindiop Thanks for the idea Amy.

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