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There are many blogs about social media. Do we really need another?


Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?  But then, I truly believe that this blog offers something a little different.  This is not a site providing information on how to grow your Twitter following exponentially over the next 10 days.  Nor does it promise up to the minute information on the latest social media fad.  Rather it is a blog which offers thoughtful reflection on social media, as well as advice on how to organically grow your network so as to foster strong, authentic connections.

For me, social media emphasises the importance of community.  This blog focuses on participation in these online communities – how to contribute, connect, collaborate, communicate.

Think of this as your invitation to join my community.  Won’t you join the conversation?

A few orientation points: The Tumblr account in the sidebar is an accompaniment blog with interesting links that I’ve found that I believe you might also appreciate, and the @amypalko page is my Twitter landing page.  To find out more about Twitter and my activity there, check it out and then follow!

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