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Announcement: New PeopleMaps Role

Leaf By Leaf

I have a bit of an announcement to make today.  For the last month I have been working with a fantastic company as their online community manager and as a contributor towards their social media strategy.

PeopleMaps is a company that provides personality profiling technology through their creation of a Personality Power Widget.  In their own words:

PeopleMaps builds Personality Power Widgets to provide psychological profiling (sometimes called personality or psychometric testing) products to businesses and individuals across the globe. We are experts in psychology, technology and marketing and make affordable profiling available to everyone with access to the Internet.

I am so excited to be working with them, not only because they are at the cutting edge of developing innovative personality products, but also because of their Philosophy Manifesto.  Who wouldn’t want to work with a company which states:

As a philosophy, we believe that one should alter the environment to suit one’s individual personality, instead of bending the individual out of shape to suit the environment. This could be a work environment, a home environment, a romantic environment; it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that to be productive, to be inspired, to be happy, to be successful,  to be at your best, you need to be operating in an environment compatible with your personality. We need the world to relate to us – and communicate with us in a personality centric way.

Pretty cool, hey?

So, what exactly is the service that I’m providing PeopleMaps?

Well, my role as an online community manager means that I am setting up and maintaining Ning communities, so as to facilitate collaboration and co-ordination within the company, as well as managing PeopleMaps’ participation in larger communities such as those found on Twitter and FaceBook.  I’m also creating training documents for a number of social networking sites, such as Ning and Twitter, to ensure that all those within the company are comfortable and capable of participating within the PeopleMaps online community, and to that end, I offer ongoing support and advice when needed.

I have also helped to develop the social media strategy for PeopleMaps, and I will be helping to deliver that strategy over the coming months.  This will mean that I (along with others in the company) will be growing, contributing & promoting the PeopleMaps twitter account, @peoplemaps,  and the PeopleMaps FaceBook fanpage.

If you are unfamiliar with PeopleMaps, then I thoroughly recommend that you check out their brand spanking new website.  It’s got some fantastic content on it already, and they have just launched a private beta of their Power Widget.  Also, if you’re looking for some free fun stuff, check out the PeopleMaps Playground!

NB  If you are interested in working with me, please check out my About Amy page for more on my skills & background, and my LinkedIn profile will provide you with more on my professional activites plus recommendations etc.


Landing Tweets Results

Floating Feather 3

Living life in the fast lane recently has resulted in a delay in sharing the fabulous landing pages that were created & improved throughout the month of May.

Take a look at those who contributed!

A quick recap of posts on Twitter landing pages in case you missed out on the writing project, but would still like to produce your own landing page:

Thanks to all who contributed – your participation was much appreciated.  And to all those who didn’t manage to get round to it in May, if you leave a comment along with a link, I’ll update this post to include your new landing page.

Also, would love feedback on this group writing project – did you find it useful/inspirational/motivational?  What writing projects would you like to see here in the future?  Do get in touch!

Up To Speed


This is a rather newsy post to get you up to speed with everything that’s been going on here.  It’s been all go!

  • Thesis – My thesis was submitted on Friday in electronic, softbound & hardbound versions and my degree has now been conferred.  It’ll be formally conferred on the 25th June when I graduate with my doctorate; however, I am now officially Dr Amy Palko.  If you are interested in reading my thesis, it is available here.
  • Location Independent – Lea Woodward has asked me to be the resident photographer for Location Independent, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of my photos over there.  On top of that, she has interviews up with me and the other team leaders talking about the concept of Location Independent & our experience of it.  I thoroughly recommend you click through for a read, as there are some really interesting views on living a life location independent.
  • The Calm Space – My photo for the month of June is available as a desktop download from The Breathing Space now.  In addition to this, however, Karen Wallace has also asked me if I would like to write for The Calm Space too, so as from this month you can find me in The Nature Space.  My first post there is called Waves of Kindness and looks at the difficult period post-submission of a phd thesis.
  • RedBubble – In other photography news, I have added some new images to my RedBubble shop and I have been selling some prints.  Please do go and have a look at them and let me know what you think!
  • Landing Tweets Project – Lastly, the weekend was the deadline for participating in the Landing Tweets group writing project.  So if you managed to put together a landing page over the month of May, or you reworked the one you already had, please do add a comment here.  I will be collating all the entries in a post later this week!

Right, I think that’s everything for just now.  Would you like to share some of your news?

Amy on Tweetabix

Curving Path

A wee while ago I answered some questions on my use of Twitter for the blog, Tweetabix, which features a number of interviews with those who tweet.  Now that I’ve defended my thesis, I have finally got around to sending in my answers, and I thought you might be interested to read the results.  Here’s a quick excerpt:

What aspects of Twitter do you love?

I love the immediacy of it – I love the fast-paced exuberance of information passing through finger-tips: the staccato beat of keyboards across the globe conveying information, sharing stories, linking to posts, images, tools, news.

If you would like to read more, please do head over to check it out, and if you want to submit an interview yourself, here’s how.

Please feel free to leave comments either here or over at Tweetabix & I’ll do my best to respond to you.


Thesis Defended

Catching Rainbows

After 4 years of research, I have successfully defended my thesis, Charting Habitus: Stephen King, the Author-Protagonist and the Field of Literary Production.  I’ve been asked to make some minor corrections and have been given a month to complete them, after which I will be awarded my doctorate in English Literature.

For those who are interested in the topic of the my thesis, here’s the thesis abstract:

While most research in King studies focuses on Stephen King’s contribution to the horror genre, this thesis approaches King as a participant in American popular culture, specifically exploring the role the author-protagonist plays in his writing about writing.  I have chosen Bourdieu’s theoretical construct of habitus through which to focus my analysis into not only King’s narratives, but also into his non-fiction and paratextual material: forewords, introductions, afterwords, interviews, reviews, articles, editorials and unpublished archival documents.  This has facilitated my investigation into the literary field that King participates within, and represents in his fiction, in order to provide insight into his perception of the high/low cultural divide, the autonomous and heteronomous principles of production and the ways in which position-taking within that field might be effected.  This approach has resulted in a study that combines the methods of literary analysis and book history; it investigates both the literary construct and the tangible page.

King’s part autobiography, part how-to guide, On Writing (2000), illustrates the rewards such an approach yields, by indicating four main ways in which his perception of, and participation in, the literary field manifests: the art/money dialectic, the dangers inherent in producing genre fiction, the representation of art produced according to the heteronomous principle and the relationship between popular culture and the Academy.  The texts which form the focus of the case studies in this thesis, The Shining, Misery, The Dark Half, Bag of Bones and Lisey’s Story demonstrate that there exists a dramatisation of King’s habitus at the level of the narrative which is centred on the figure of the author-protagonist.  I argue that the actions of the characters Jack Torrance, Paul Sheldon, Thad Beaumont, Mike Noonan and Scott Landon, and the situations they find themselves in, offer an expression of King’s perception of the literary field, an expression which benefits from being situated within the context of his paratextually articulated pronouncements of authorship, publication and cultural production.

I’m extremely excited by the ways in which my research into the work & career of Stephen King can be applied to social media, and I’ll be exploring this through the blog over the coming days, weeks, months…

However, having now completed my doctorate, the job search begins in earnest.  If you are interested in working with me then please check out my About Amy page, connect with me on LinkedIn and get in touch via email on amypalko at madasafish dot com.

And The Winner Is…

Prize Draw

Yesterday was quite possibly one of my most exhilarating days spent online – the response to the launch was, to put it simply, incredible and exceeded all my highest hopes.  Thank you to all who visited, commented, retweeted and recommended.  I look forward to the conversations that we’ll have here and will endeavour to write posts that live up to all of your expectations!

Now, if you were one of those who commented before 12pm GMT today, then your name was entered into a prize draw to win a copy of the book Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income written by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett, which was very generously donated by Chris.  This book is an absolute must if you are considering blogging for income, but is also very informative for those who wish to blog without monetization.  Highly recommended!

So, without further ado – the winner is…

Prize Draw Winner

Congratulations Ryan!  Your prize will be in the post shortly 🙂

Thanks again to all for making the first day of my new blog so special – exciting times ahead, I think!


Leaf & Sunshine

Welcome to the launch of my new blog!

It’s still very new, but please do have a browse through the pages and posts to find out more about the blog and me.  If you like what you see, please consider subscribing!