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Trying to decide whether to follow or not?  Well here’s why some do:

@Osherlana @amypalko because i like funny chicks.
@TimBrownson @amypalko Cuz you’re chatty!
@WonderWebby @amypalko I follow you cuz I love your pics, your conversation & your positive outlook
@TimBrownson @amypalko And not catty!
@ukdivorce @amypalko for your sense of humour, patience, intrigue, photos, sharing and caring attitude and I think you’re an all round good egg 😉
@Hazewalker @amypalko Why would I follow you, you are witty, intelligent and post good stuff!
@btwendle @amypalko Because your tweets are interesting….
@billgiltner @amypalko I follow you because you are really newsy and smart.
@dmcordell @amypalko I follow you b/c you’re artistic, literate & witty. Plus you add to my global perspective.
@lovefromrandom @amypalko cos im interested in what you have to say i often check out your links which are cool.AND you might be interested in my stuff too
@lindiop @amypalko funny how hard I found it to answer – think of you as a friend.I follow because I appreciate your conversation & insights
@captainstardust @amypalko i first followed you because i was interested in textual culture. i continue because you & your words are illuminations.
@joannayoung @amypalko Because you connect me to so many other interesting, creative and generous people. You’re so often the glue that binds us together
@captainstardust @amypalko i only speak the truth =) also i heartily second @joannayoung’s answer! for example you introduced me to her.

Since joining Twitter over a year ago, I have fallen head over heels with tweeting.  I love the fast pace, the lively conversations and the open friendliness of the community.  I regularly tweet updates on all kinds of topics as well as sharing links, pictures, and news of both a personal and professional sort.

If you’re not quite sure what Twitter is all about, check out this Scottish Television news clip of the Edinburgh Twestival (you can see me being interviewed at 2min 16sec and again at 2min 53sec):

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “The Edinburgh Twestival on STV on Vimeo”, posted with vodpod

Convinced? Follow me here!

You can also connect with me elsewhere across the net:

I have a personal blog called Less Ordinary and a professional blog, which you are currently visiting.

Why not have an explore?

11 responses to “@amypalko

  1. Well, I’ll check these social media sites you’re in later. Just drop by to say hi and see your new blog. I’ve followed you already in twitter.

    I’m off to write a post now. Darn, today is my schedule to post one. 🙂

    Nice meeting you, Amy.

  2. What a great page Amy. Thanks for providing this as an excellent example.

    So grateful to have met you via Twitter and am looking forward to reading your blogs and Tweets! Warmly,


  3. I follow @amypalko because she is interesting, intelligent, artistic, creative, inspiring, talented, optimistic and most of all….. a lovely sincere person!!

    I’ve been following Amy on Twitter for several months now and we’ve become great friends, who have since met in person.

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  5. wow. i ADORE the setup/creativity of this page with the “why i follow”. amazing. great comment too to the Twitter powers that be on the eliminating HALF the conversation you posted

    re: http://www.communityspark.com/warning-online-communities-are-resistant-to-change/

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  7. Ok so now I totally get what a landing page is! I doubt my new site will be up and ready for your group writing project, but now I know I will be indeed adding one!!

  8. Really pleased i came across this informative and very interesting blog.Keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks for providing this blog and the tips on twitter. Lovely.

  10. You are such a honey.

    And didn’t you do fabulously on TV? Well done!

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