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A wee while ago I answered some questions on my use of Twitter for the blog, Tweetabix, which features a number of interviews with those who tweet.  Now that I’ve defended my thesis, I have finally got around to sending in my answers, and I thought you might be interested to read the results.  Here’s a quick excerpt:

What aspects of Twitter do you love?

I love the immediacy of it – I love the fast-paced exuberance of information passing through finger-tips: the staccato beat of keyboards across the globe conveying information, sharing stories, linking to posts, images, tools, news.

If you would like to read more, please do head over to check it out, and if you want to submit an interview yourself, here’s how.

Please feel free to leave comments either here or over at Tweetabix & I’ll do my best to respond to you.


2 responses to “Amy on Tweetabix

  1. I love talking to you any time, interview or just conversation. Lead on!

  2. Aw thank you, Molly!

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